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 Get a taste of what it is like to be a real Paramedic!  Read a FREE PREVIEW of The Streets Ran Red.

 "The Streets Ran Red written by Morgan Lawrence, is a compelling and fast-paced novel which depicts the daily activities of a deputy paramedic.  Interestingly, the author writes about each call with such detail that the reader feels like they are part of the responding team.  Throughout the novel, you are taken on “calls” to different crisis events and your heart races each step of the way.  Besides taking care of the medical crisis, the deputy also carries a weapon and enforces the law.  When the call is made, the deputy and his partner have to prepare for anything that comes their way.

From drug addicts to car accidents, domestic violence to bomb scares, this book has all of the ups and downs of a roller-coaster.  What is most endearing is the humbleness of the main character.  His acts of daily heroism are nothing to him, and he treats it as any other day.  Even when faced with the most ugliness of human-kind, he continues to do his job.  His biggest challenge besides staying alive was letting go of the ones he could not save and trying to forget the horrific views.  Lawrence keeps the storyline interesting through several romantic situations with threads of betrayal, infidelity, lust, and true love." 

Ms. Rebecca Perry MS LMHC


Review date: 09/14/2008

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