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The Streets Ran Red (Paperback)


These are the true life stories of the men and woman I have associated with in my twenty year career as a Paramedic. While reading this book, you will get to feel and understand some of the pressures of working the street. The Streets Ran Red is an account of the lives of a pair of deputy sheriff paramedics and the supporting cast of medical experts who helped them save lives. This is a true account of a group of special individuals who make up a very special team. The accounts described in this book actually happened and the victims were real.The names and locations have been changed at the requests of some of thecharacters.

These are the men and women who, on a daily basis protect and serve the public, from the perils of the real world. The golden hour of trauma begins when a person is injured and the clock starts to tic. This is when the trauma team of Doctors, nurses and paramedics step up to the line and save your life. Some of the actions in this book are graphic in nature and intense in reality. This is the nature of the job. Split second decisions have to be made if you are to survive. So before you ask “Why?”, read on and the answer will become clear to you.

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  • "Martin Boltax has written a beautiful story of reinforcement that leads you through not only some of the great names of history but has creatively woven them into a tale that le..."
    Dr. Logan Mitchell III
    Retired chief editor and creative consultant.
  • "This novel is a salute to those public servants who put their lives on the line to save others. As a nation we take for grated the ability to call 911 and someone just shows up..."
    Ms. Rebecca Perry MS LMHC
    Mental Health Care Professional

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